Saturday, December 21, 2013

6 and 7 Weeks Old

Life is moving fast these days. I feel like we get up in the morning and before I know it, the day is almost over. The past 7 (almost 8) weeks have just flown by! Chloe is such a sweet little cupcake. She is starting to smile, coo and become a little more interactive. Seeing her smile when she first wakes up is one of my favorite things, and a great way to start the day.

She is content and calm most of the time. She does really likes to be held and prefers it to anything else right now, but is happy in any of our baby carrying devices, my personal favorite is the Balboa Baby sling. Best thing ever.

I don't want to get too cocky about the sleeping thing, because this could all change next week, but Chloe is sleeping about 7-8 hours at night. Its been wonderful. She has her last feeding somewhere between 10pm and midnight, and then its lights out until morning. During the day she eats about every 2.5-3 hours, is awake for a bit and then crashes for a nap. We usually have one really good and intense crying spell around 5 or 6pm. Girlfriend has some lungs. You don't hear them often, but when you do, oh my.

She hasn't started losing any hair yet, and her hair is still full and crazy as ever. We've noticed it is getting lighter, though you won't be able to tell in pictures. And everyone asks me what color her eyes are. They are a very gray blue. When she looks into the light they are quite blue. So only time will tell, but at least for now they are looking like they may be blue like Kennedy and Greg's.
The Girls

Love her little cheeks. And she sleeps well in her baby straight jacket. 
Playtime on the Farm Mat. Kennedy loved this, and I am hoping Chloe does as well.

Morning smiles in a cheetah swaddle. 

The Great Ice Storm of 2013

A couple weeks back, Dallas was hit with some winter weather in the form of a massive ice storm. The entire city pretty much shut down. I have learned that people here freak out when a cold front moves in. Anytime the weather drops below 60 degrees, you see people bundled in their North Face from head to toe to go to Whole Foods. I'll admit, I too have become a bit of a cold weather wimp since moving here. But I had never seen anything like the ice we had a few weeks ago.

Everything was literally coated in ice. We were fortunate to not lose power and Greg was home from work. So we spent the time watching Christmas movies, eating comfort foods, decorating the house and relaxing indoors. And eating. And baking. And more eating. Did I mention we ate a lot? We did bundle up and venture out in the front to check things out, but since it was solid ice, the novelty of it all wore off quickly.

On Saturday, it was just warm enough for the roads to clear up a bit in the afternoon. Kennedy and I ventured out to see Frozen, how appropriate, right? To say she loved it would be a bit of an understatement. We both loved it, actually. I am dying to see it again. And I may or may not have already pre-ordered the DVD from Amazon.

I could do with out another ice storm, but it sure would be nice if we could get at least one snow this year. I know Kennedy would love it!

Bundling up for 10 minutes of checking out the ice. 

Ready to see Frozen. And a sampling of the 800 crafts we did during our home stay. 
We were getting desperate by the time the diaper box castle was made, and then painted, and then decorated. 

Santa 2013

I had no idea what to expect when it came to Santa visits this year - would this be the year Kennedy sat on his lap and smiled? Or were we still in the Terrified of Santa stage? Only one way to find out.

While my mom was in town for a visit, we took the girls to the Galleria to walk around. Kennedy was in a pretty good mood, and Santa hands out fresh baked cookies, so we thought we would give it a go.

She walked right up, told him she wanted a doll house, smiled for the camera, got her cookie and said good bye. Success!

Monday, December 2, 2013

One Month

Month One has literally flown by. I couldn't believe Chloe was already a month old on Saturday. Sometimes it feels like we just left the hospital a few days ago and other times it feels like she has always been here. She is still a really sweet little baby. She loves eating, sleeping and taking baths. She is sleeping really well, which is making things much more manageable during the day for me and Greg. She's still such a newbie that most of our days are really just filling time between feedings. I have been able to build up a (small) supply of pumped milk, so we have the flexibility to do a bottle when nursing isn't super convenient.

Kennedy couldn't be sweeter with Chloe. She really has embraced being a big sister. She's a really happy little girl and has become even more independent with Chloe's arrival. She plays well by herself (and still lives in her little imaginary worlds) but also loves to try to include Chloe when she can. At times, when Chloe is crying or upset, the mere sound of Kennedy's voice calms her down. I know Kennedy is going to be so excited when Chloe can "do more" laugh, coo, smile, etc.
Some of our favorite spots to hang out - the bath being close to the top of the list. 

Chloe's first Cinderella dress. 

Miss Chloe - One Month

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Feast

A couple weeks ago, Kennedy's school celebrated Thanksgiving a little early with their parade and feast. The Halloween parade was a bit of a mess with Kennedy, so I didn't have super high expectations for Thanksgiving. Granted, at Halloween, I was in the hospital and she was a little overwhelmed by all the people. Anyway, down the hall she came with her little Indian hat and vest on. I won't say she was smiling and enthusiastically waving at everyone, but she wasn't crying and didn't run to me - so, success.

Grammyflash and Big Poppa happened to be in town so they got to come join the festivities. When it was time for the feast, I asked them to keep Chloe so I could have a few minutes of Mommy/Kennedy time. Well, upon my arrival to the picnic blanket, Kennedy's first question was, "where's my baby? I want my friends to see my baby." I brought Chloe down and Kennedy was just beaming. She is a very sweet and proud big sister. She had all of her friends come say hi and walked Chloe around to meet the other teachers.

We sure do have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sharing Clothes

I'm a bit of a Stuff Saver (hoarder is such an ugly word) and because of that, Chloe has bins (and bins) of clothes from her big sister. This dress was one of the first girly things Kennedy received and I could't wait to see it on Chloe. This is only the beginning of seeing Chloe wear some of my favorite things Kennedy wore as a baby.

In other news, Chloe had her two week check up yesterday. She is back up to her birthweight and is doing great! Two week stats: weight: 7.7lbs (30%), height: 20.5in (70%).

Kennedy (left) at 1 week. 
Chloe (right) at 2 weeks. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Week One at Home

We have been home from the hospital a little over a week and are adjusting to life with two littles. Kennedy has embraced Chloe and absolutely loves being a big sister. She loves to hold her, sing to her and try to play with her. She had a really hard time with mommy being gone a couple nights, and because of that, is extremely mommy-attached. But we are slowly figuring out what our new normal is. I have to make sure Kennedy gets extra special, undivided attention from Mommy. I was fortunate last week to have Greg home from work, so I could go pick up Kennedy and take her on Mommy/Kennedy dates.

We are getting out and about quite a bit as a family of four and I am learning the art of nursing on the go. Parking garages, park benches, etc. The days fly by as we try to work outings and activities in between feedings and rest time.

My recovery has been shockingly easy this time around. I did take a little better care of myself leading up to delivery (exercising up until Chloe was born). I got up and started walking at the hospital and we have been going on neighborhood walks since we got home. I did get sick and thought I had strep. Turns out it was a viral infection and pink eye.  Super fun (not really) but I got over it and Chloe didn't get it. Plus, having a three year old kind of forces me to get up and moving around.

Chloe is a pretty mellow little lady (so far). Of course, she is less than two weeks old, so it is only a matter of time before she "wakes-up" a little more. She loves her sleep. At night I have a hard time waking her to eat, she would much rather snooze. And I am ok with that. As soon as she is back up to her birth weight, I no longer have to wake her to feed during the night.

We had newborn pictures done on Friday by the same photographer who took Kennedy's newborn pics. We were at her studio most of the day and Kennedy actually had a really good time hanging out and playing. The sneak peeks we have received are beautiful and I can't wait to see the rest.

We have a follow up doctor appointment to check Chloe's weight and finish her newborn screening in the morning. There are shots involved. Wish us luck.

Hanging out at home. 

Getting out of the house. 
Newborn session sneak peeks. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Littlest Littlest Hunter

She's here. Baby Boo is finally here and her name is Chloe Dell.

The morning of October 30, Greg and I headed to Baylor nice and early to induce labor. My doctor was there waiting and as soon as she broke my water, things moved fast. I requested an epidural as soon as possible and figured I still had some time before contractions would get intense. Boy was I wrong. They got strong quickly and by the time my nurse was done with my paper work and lab results, I was dying for some relief. The anesthesiologist was amazing and once the epidural was in, I was pretty comfortable. Before I knew it, the anesthesiologist was back in the room to give me a "delivery dose" of medicine and my nurse was calling for the doctor because it was already time to deliver! My water was broken at 8:08am and Miss Chloe was born at 12:02pm.

"Its a girl!!" was followed by "oh my God she has so much hair!!" She was so pink and chubby. And seriously had the most hair I have ever seen on a newborn.

Just like when Kennedy was born, our families were in the waiting room anxiously awaiting the news. And just like with Kennedy, Greg got to go out and share the exciting news that Chloe had arrived.

My parents picked Kennedy up from school and brought her to the hospital to meet Baby Chloe. I couldn't wait to tell her that she was right all along, Baby Boo turned out to be a baby sister. We had her come in the room by herself for a few minutes to meet Chloe and see her mommy. She also got to get a special Big Sister gift from Chloe. Kennedy absolutely loves Chloe and has embraced her Big Sister roll amazingly well.

We are truly blessed with two incredibly sweet little girls. Our hearts are full.

Chloe Dell Hunter
October 30, 2013 at 12:02pm
7lb 7oz  and 19.5in long 

Everyone was so happy to welcome Chloe to the family.  

Extremely proud Big Sister

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Tomorrow is the big day. We get to meet Baby Boo and we are all beyond excited. The anticipation has been building since my dr.'s appointment last week when we found out I was already 4cm and 75% effaced. This caused everyone to believe I might have the baby soon. Like, within a few days kinda soon. But alas, it looks like Boo is going to wait until I am induced tomorrow morning before making a grand entrance.

My parents have been in town for a few days (just in case!) and the Hunters are making their way to Dallas this afternoon. Kennedy can't wait to "get her baby" tomorrow and she is still locked into the idea that Boo is a sister. We are ready to become a family of four and are enjoying these last few days of just the three of us.

Mommy and Kennedy at the Perot museum. 
Soon to be Big Sister. Soon to be Double Mommy. 

Disneyworld - AKA Princessworld

We are back from our last vacation before the Baby Boo's arrival and this was a big one. The Hunters went to Disney World (yes, again). The main reason for the trip was to celebrate Grammy Flash's 60th birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth. She got to wear a special Birthday button and got lots of Birthday attention while we were there.

Leading up to the trip I got a lot of "you're going to Disney HOW pregnant?" comments and jokes. Disney is fun, magical, and exciting, but it also takes a toll on you. September proved to be a very hot and humid time of year to visit central Floirda. Sweat Fest. We were definitely worn out by the end of the day. But I don't think I was any more tired or drained being pregnant than I would have been otherwise. If anything, I probably took way better care of myself by drinking tons of water and keeping the naughty snacks to a minimum. There were still churros and Mickey ice cream bars, this was still vacation, after all.

All in all, we had an incredible time. The clear highlight of the trip, for Kennedy, was meeting the princesses. Namely, Cinderella. Kennedy was rendered nearly speechless for a short time. And during their first meeting at the princess lunch, it brought little misties to all of our eyes. Kennedy was in awe and was so genuinely happy in the moment (those are the moments that make all the Disney craziness 100% worth it). She danced around in her Cinderella dress and enjoyed talking to Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora and Snow White at lunch. We did a princess meet and greet the next day where she got to visit with Rapunzel, as well as Aurora and Cinderella. I think meeting Minnie was another trip highlight. Last year she was pretty intimidated by the characters, and at some point believed Goofy tried to bite her. She's hung onto that for the past year and didn't want him biting her again this year (??) but kissed Minnie on the nose, and happily smiled for pictures.

We learned Kennedy does not like: 1) the dark and 2) loud noises. So any indoor ride or show was a little too much for her. She was having a great time at The Little Mermaid show...until Ursula the sea witch came on stage (she was the size of a VW Bus, so I don't blame Kennedy's freak out). After that, we stuck to the tea cups, the carousel, Dumbo and magic carpets. All friendly. No loud noises. All smiles. We also made sure she had ample time to just dance by herself in front of the castle. She loved that part.

Grammy Flash got the royal treatment for her birthday. Every meal we had, they brought her a special dessert and sang to her. And just about everyone we encountered wished her an enthusiastic Happy Birthday. We were so happy to be included in her special celebration and hope we helped make this birthday one to remember!

Princess meets the princesses
Loves: teacups and dancing in front of the castle. 
Met Mickey, Minnie and friends. 
Lots of fun in Disneyworld. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I realized the last time I did any sort of pregnancy update was at 23 weeks! I am well into my third trimester now at 32.5 weeks with Boo and still feeling pretty good, all things considered. The internet thinks Boo is about 4-4.5 lbs and roughly the size of a honeydew. Boo moves around like crazy and I am definitely starting to get to an uncomfortable place, but I know I still have a ways to go! 

Part of the discomfort is due to the heat. My God. The heat. Its no secret that staying cool and comfortable during a Texas summer is nearly impossible, but doing it pregnant is a different (sweaty) story. The heat really zaps my energy and I have to make sure I am drinking lots of water. Which means frequent bathroom breaks all day and night. 

A friend and I went on a long walk down the Katy Trail yesterday morning and snapped this pic. Still trying to exercise and stay active and I can definitely feel a lag on days when I don't make it to the gym.    I am really looking forward to lots of outside activities in the fall (for both myself and Kennedy) when Boo is here!

Pretty much sums up how I feel right now. 
If only there was a H-O-T and a S-W-E-A-T-Y option next to it...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Week of School

Kennedy finished her first week at the new preschool, and so far, is really enjoying it! Its a new school with all new friends and I was curious to see how she would adjust. We went to the meet the teacher event last Friday where she got to go on a scavenger hunt through her new class with her new classmates. The room is huge and has lots of fun stuff for her to play with. There are two little girls in her class she has buddied up with and the teacher told me they are playing very well together.

On the first day, I didn't think I would get emotional, but after I dropped her off I had to choke back a little sniffle. She has been going to MDO for the past two years, but she just looked so big walking into her class. She also told me "I don't even need you anymore!" in a sweet little voice (meaning she didn't need me in the classroom with her), and that about sent me over the edge. But she was excited and I was happy to see her so happy to go to school.

She is going three days a week, and because the 3's class doesn't nap, they are pretty action packed days. She is definitely tired when I bring her home, though not tired enough to take a nap, of course. In addition to the regular 3's pre-k curriculum, they go to chapel, the library, music class and PE every day. They do get a little quiet story time after lunch to recharge for the afternoon.

I am really happy with her teacher and am excited to see how much she learns and grows this year.

Kennedy on the first day at her new preschool. 
And thanks to Jill at Stamped Paper Co for our cute sign. 

Such a pose. 

Afterschool treat. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Welcome Back

Last weekend we got to welcome Uncle Eric back to 'Merica. He has spent the last 4 years teaching English in Korea and moved back to New Mexico to attend grad school. His lovely wife Sora will join him in about a month, once he is settled in their house and her green card is squared away.

Eric only stayed with us for a night as he was making his way to New Mexico, but we wanted to make his welcome as warm as we could. So we spent the morning making fun signs to hold up at the airport. You better believe the whole family got involved. We sketched, cut, painted and colored all morning. And I think Eric enjoyed the signs.

After he spent a grueling 13 hours on a plane, we wanted to have a relaxing evening watching college football, eating Texas BBQ, queso and drinking beer. On Sunday, we took him on a little Dallas tour, stopped at In-n-Out (obviously) and headed back to the airport. Just a quick visit, but Kennedy loved having him here and showing him every princess item in the house. I know she will be excited to get to see him more often now that he is living closer. We all will be excited to see him more often!

I absolutely love Kennedy's drawing of Eric (top right). We also had to include Psy, since we literally could not avoid him or his music in Seoul. 
The Welcome Wagon. 
High-Fives. Hanging out with Uncle Eric.

Monday, August 19, 2013

American Girl

One of our recent summer adventures was visiting the American Girl store here in Dallas. Kennedy got an American Girl Bitty Baby for her birthday (which is basically the gateway drug doll to the big American Girl dolls) and some accessories to match. Since she loves to play baby, mommy, tea party, etc., I thought she might really enjoy having lunch in the American Girl cafe. And enjoy it she did. Its adorable. Pink explosion. Pretty much every little girl's dream come true. They have doll high chairs and bring the dolls teeny tiny cups of pink lemonade. We met up with our friend Lilly and her mommy Chrissy for an afternoon girls lunch.

The girls snacked on a fruit appetizer before their mac'n'cheese and pink lemonade. After they finished their meal, they each enjoyed a scoop of pink ice cream. We spent a little time in the store looking at all the dolls. Kennedy is still far too young for an American Girl doll, but it took her no time to find the Bitty Baby section full of strollers, cribs, and clothes for the baby dolls. We had come from our final post-op with the eye dr, where Kennedy not only was a little angel, but received the good news that her eyes are perfectly in alignment. For those reasons, I let her get an outfit for Bitty. But I had to put my foot down when she requested the matching outfit for herself.

 Putting Bitty in her new outfit for lunch. 
The girls and their babies. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pink-a-lympics Party

When I started asking Kennedy what she wanted to do for her birthday party, she very specifically requested a pink gymnastics party. We talked about this for months and when I realized she was actually locked into this idea, I found a place that would allow me to host a party for a 3 year old. 

So we had the Pink-a-lympics at The Palaestra in Dallas. The facility was huge and we had pretty much free reign of the equipment. The best part of this place: parents were encouraged to jump, tumble and participate as much as they wanted. Honestly, I know the kids had a blast, but the adults really got in on the fun. Everyone was showing off their best trampoline tricks and flips into the foam pit. It looked so fun!! I had to watch from the sidelines, on account of the baby belly. 

The foam pit was the main attraction. Its HUGE. The foam is about 4 feet deep with a trampoline floor. So you can flip, jump, dive, etc. into the soft blocks. Watching the adults attempt to climb out of it was about as much fun as watching them jump in. 

After everyone was sufficiently worn out from showcasing their gymnastics skills, we headed to the party room for snacks, drinks and cupcakes. At Kennedy's request, all the cupcakes had pink frosting and were a mix of chocolate and white cake. I think it turned out to be an awesome birthday party, I know Kennedy sure had a blast!

Fantastic Gymnastics!
Grown Up Fun. 
Aunt Jill, Gymnastics Enthusiast, even gave the arial silks a try.  
Happy 3rd Birthday Kennedy!! Grammyflash and Big Poppa came in from Midland to celebrate with us. Kennedy is on about cupcake #6 in this picture. 

Birthday girl in her birthday outfit. 
Adorable gymnast invitations by Stamped Paper Co. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Celebrating 3

Since we were traveling on Kennedy's birthday, Greg and I wanted to do something at home to give her a special day with just the three of us. We started the day with pink pancakes (her favorite), gave her a bicycle (with training wheels) and had a fun day together as a family.

Once we got to Albuquerque, it felt like we celebrated her birthday every single day we were there. Lots of surprises, sweets, friends and family were never in short supply. One gift she got from Lainey and Gramps that nearly sent her over the edge was a Cinderella wedding dress. She really likes to dress up and play wedding at home, and generally uses blankets and scarves as her dress and veil. So you can imagine her excitement when she saw a white, poufy, glittery real wedding dress, veil and bouquet. She wore it most of the week. My favorite thing is watching her personality completely change when she puts it on. She goes into full on princess mode: soft, sweet voice, graceful and gentle moves.

In the weeks leading up to Kennedy's birthday party, all she could talk about was having a Cinderella princess party. This was perfect, since we had already booked the pink-a-lympics gymnastics party she had been talking about since January. So, we decided to do both. A Cinderella party in Albuquerque and a pink gymnastics party in Dallas.

On the morning of her birthday, we invited a few little friends over to the Enchanted Garden to have snacks and play outside. Kennedy wore her Cinderella dress, naturally. There were manicures, bubbles and plenty of toys to play with/argue over. It was fun to celebrate her birthday with our Albuquerque friends and we enjoyed playing with some of her new gifts in the afternoon.

After the Cinderella festivities wrapped up and we all enjoyed a long rest, we all finished out the day at a park near my parents house. The next morning it was time for the three of us to fly home and get ready for the Pink-a-lympics party in Dallas.

Pink pancake party. 
Wedding Kennedy and posing with mommy and Lainey. 
Little Birthday Princess
 Snack table fit for a princess. 
 Some birthday pals. Sam and I are pregnant at the same time again (10 wks apart). Kennedy and her daughter Kaylie are only 4 days apart!  
Marlowe giving Kennedy a manicure and Kennedy & Kaylie enjoying some snacks. 
 Park time with Gramps, Lainey, Mommy, Daddy and Alex. 

Three Year Interview

We interviewed Kennedy a couple of weeks ago asking her some of her favorites. Some of her answers caught me by surprise and others were just as expected.

What's your name? Kennedy
How old are you? holds up three fingers
When is your birthday? July fifth
What is your favorite color? Pink (no surprise here)
What's your favorite animal? Cow (I have no idea...)
What's your favorite book? Twinkle Little Star (a night time book)
What's your favorite show? Mickey (always has been!)
What's your favorite movie? Madagascar (although she does like this, I would have to say her current favorite is Cinderella)
What's your favorite song? Rapunzel (from the movie Tangled)
What's your favorite food? Chicken nuggets (I would have to override here and say macaroni and cheese). 
What's your favorite drink? Water
Who is your best friend? Emily (what's really sweet is Emily said 'Kennedy' in her interview)
What's your favorite toy? Minnie Mouse
What's your favorite thing to do? gibberish mumbles...she was being silly here
What do you want to be when you grow up? Cinderella
What did you do for your birthday party? wedding dress (That's rue, she did wear a wedding dress. But she also had a couple fun parties, too.)
What's your favorite thing to do outside? Chalk
What's your favorite thing to do at home? Food (I assume she means playing in her kitchen)
What's your favorite restaurant? A Disneyworld one (I would actually say its Chic-Fil-A)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fwree Years Old

Sometimes it is hard to believe three years have gone by so fast, but its time to accept it, Kennedy is three. Or "fwree" if you ask her.

She generally has a sweet personality, though she can be a little spicy at times. Just don't tell her she is being spicy, she really doesn't like that.

She is really creative and very imaginative. One of her favorite things to do is "craft projects." She asks me constantly, knows where I keep all the supplies, and actually loves to go to Jo-Ann or Hobby Lobby (since I usually let her pick out a craft of some kind.) I can pretty much trust her with real markers and crayons now, and love that she enjoys spending a little independent time coloring and drawing.

We often times live in a completely pretend world. She will assign you a role and let you know hers at the same time: I'm a very tiny baby. We're in an airplane right now, ask me for juice and pretzels.  You be Kennedy, and I will be Amanda. You be the pwince and I will be Thumbelina. I'm the teacher, this is school. Etc. She really commits to the role at hand and expects you to do the same. Its really entertaining to watch, but sometimes we play the same scenario over and over and, well, Mommy gets a little tired of the game.

She is speaking really well and will tell you long made-up stories. I love listening to her tell you about her day - which often times includes snippits from favorite books, days past and occasionally, something that happened almost 9 months ago in Disneyworld.

Kennedy is a little mommy and we are constantly looking after all the babies in the orphanage playroom. She takes great joy in feeding, changing, and reading to them. I hope this is a sign of things to come for Baby Boo's arrival.

She pronounces "r" and "l" with a "w" and "th" with an "s" I love how it sounds. She still has some funny words and I don't want her to outgrow them.
 - Mac-a-moni
 - Mock-a-moley (guacamole)
 - Mama, nook (Mama, look. The only "l" word she pronounces with an "n")

We had a great three year check-up (no shots!). She is weighing in at 29.6lbs (39%) and is 37.2in (56%).

Photo Credit: AKA Photography

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July

The main reason we traveled to New Mexico was to celebrate the 4th of July birthdays. I was born on not only the 4th of July, but also on my Papa's birthday. The night of the 4th, my parents always have a big BBQ, with plenty of cake and ice cream to celebrate with. Greg and I try to take off on little adventures during the day. Last year, we went on a Breaking Bad tour and visited a bunch of filming locations of the show.

This year, we played Tourist and went for a ride on the Sandia Peak Tram. Its a 2.7 mile long cable stretching from the base of the mountain to the summit, and takes about 15 minutes to ascend the mountain. The views are amazing and you can see almost all of Albuquerque while suspended high above the city. When you reach the top, you are at an elevation of over 10,000 feet. During the summer its cool and breezy and a nice change from the hotter temperatures at the base, and as you can imagine, its cold and snowy during the winter. Since the fire danger is too high this summer, the backside of the mountain, ski area chair lifts and hiking trails were all closed.

Once we were done on the Tram (and stopped for frozen yogurt) we headed back to my parent's house to get ready for the BBQ. All of our family and a few friends stopped by for dinner and cake. The weather was perfect and only started to rain at the very end of the night. Kennedy stayed up the latest she has even stayed up, and I found her devouring chocolate cake at nearly 10:00pm.

I had such a fun (and exhausting) birthday and ended the day looking forward to celebrating Kennedy's birthday in the morning.

Top of the Tram. 

High above the Sandia Mountains. 

Firecracker Princess

Kennedy loves to play dress up, and most recently, wedding. 

 Happy birthday to us.