Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Tomorrow is the big day. We get to meet Baby Boo and we are all beyond excited. The anticipation has been building since my dr.'s appointment last week when we found out I was already 4cm and 75% effaced. This caused everyone to believe I might have the baby soon. Like, within a few days kinda soon. But alas, it looks like Boo is going to wait until I am induced tomorrow morning before making a grand entrance.

My parents have been in town for a few days (just in case!) and the Hunters are making their way to Dallas this afternoon. Kennedy can't wait to "get her baby" tomorrow and she is still locked into the idea that Boo is a sister. We are ready to become a family of four and are enjoying these last few days of just the three of us.

Mommy and Kennedy at the Perot museum. 
Soon to be Big Sister. Soon to be Double Mommy. 

Disneyworld - AKA Princessworld

We are back from our last vacation before the Baby Boo's arrival and this was a big one. The Hunters went to Disney World (yes, again). The main reason for the trip was to celebrate Grammy Flash's 60th birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth. She got to wear a special Birthday button and got lots of Birthday attention while we were there.

Leading up to the trip I got a lot of "you're going to Disney HOW pregnant?" comments and jokes. Disney is fun, magical, and exciting, but it also takes a toll on you. September proved to be a very hot and humid time of year to visit central Floirda. Sweat Fest. We were definitely worn out by the end of the day. But I don't think I was any more tired or drained being pregnant than I would have been otherwise. If anything, I probably took way better care of myself by drinking tons of water and keeping the naughty snacks to a minimum. There were still churros and Mickey ice cream bars, this was still vacation, after all.

All in all, we had an incredible time. The clear highlight of the trip, for Kennedy, was meeting the princesses. Namely, Cinderella. Kennedy was rendered nearly speechless for a short time. And during their first meeting at the princess lunch, it brought little misties to all of our eyes. Kennedy was in awe and was so genuinely happy in the moment (those are the moments that make all the Disney craziness 100% worth it). She danced around in her Cinderella dress and enjoyed talking to Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora and Snow White at lunch. We did a princess meet and greet the next day where she got to visit with Rapunzel, as well as Aurora and Cinderella. I think meeting Minnie was another trip highlight. Last year she was pretty intimidated by the characters, and at some point believed Goofy tried to bite her. She's hung onto that for the past year and didn't want him biting her again this year (??) but kissed Minnie on the nose, and happily smiled for pictures.

We learned Kennedy does not like: 1) the dark and 2) loud noises. So any indoor ride or show was a little too much for her. She was having a great time at The Little Mermaid show...until Ursula the sea witch came on stage (she was the size of a VW Bus, so I don't blame Kennedy's freak out). After that, we stuck to the tea cups, the carousel, Dumbo and magic carpets. All friendly. No loud noises. All smiles. We also made sure she had ample time to just dance by herself in front of the castle. She loved that part.

Grammy Flash got the royal treatment for her birthday. Every meal we had, they brought her a special dessert and sang to her. And just about everyone we encountered wished her an enthusiastic Happy Birthday. We were so happy to be included in her special celebration and hope we helped make this birthday one to remember!

Princess meets the princesses
Loves: teacups and dancing in front of the castle. 
Met Mickey, Minnie and friends. 
Lots of fun in Disneyworld.