Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fwree Years Old

Sometimes it is hard to believe three years have gone by so fast, but its time to accept it, Kennedy is three. Or "fwree" if you ask her.

She generally has a sweet personality, though she can be a little spicy at times. Just don't tell her she is being spicy, she really doesn't like that.

She is really creative and very imaginative. One of her favorite things to do is "craft projects." She asks me constantly, knows where I keep all the supplies, and actually loves to go to Jo-Ann or Hobby Lobby (since I usually let her pick out a craft of some kind.) I can pretty much trust her with real markers and crayons now, and love that she enjoys spending a little independent time coloring and drawing.

We often times live in a completely pretend world. She will assign you a role and let you know hers at the same time: I'm a very tiny baby. We're in an airplane right now, ask me for juice and pretzels.  You be Kennedy, and I will be Amanda. You be the pwince and I will be Thumbelina. I'm the teacher, this is school. Etc. She really commits to the role at hand and expects you to do the same. Its really entertaining to watch, but sometimes we play the same scenario over and over and, well, Mommy gets a little tired of the game.

She is speaking really well and will tell you long made-up stories. I love listening to her tell you about her day - which often times includes snippits from favorite books, days past and occasionally, something that happened almost 9 months ago in Disneyworld.

Kennedy is a little mommy and we are constantly looking after all the babies in the orphanage playroom. She takes great joy in feeding, changing, and reading to them. I hope this is a sign of things to come for Baby Boo's arrival.

She pronounces "r" and "l" with a "w" and "th" with an "s" I love how it sounds. She still has some funny words and I don't want her to outgrow them.
 - Mac-a-moni
 - Mock-a-moley (guacamole)
 - Mama, nook (Mama, look. The only "l" word she pronounces with an "n")

We had a great three year check-up (no shots!). She is weighing in at 29.6lbs (39%) and is 37.2in (56%).

Photo Credit: AKA Photography

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