Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Two Months

We had Chloe's two month check up (a couple weeks ago...) and she is doing really well. Growing and changing by the minute it seems. She is such a sweet little girl, and although our days can get a little crazy, I think we are adjusting to life with two Littles just fine.

I think because Chloe was bigger than Kennedy was at birth, in my mind, she is huge. But in reality, I think she is going to be petite, like her sister. I was actually really surprised to find out she was only in the 11th percentile for weight. But she is happy, eating well, sleeping well, and Kennedy was small, so her doctor isn't concerned.

Chloe's 2 Month Stats: 
Weight: 10lbs, 11%
Height: 23 in, 62%

Chloe loves: 
Sleep. We are slowly but surely finding our way into a more predictable sleeping and eating pattern during the day. She is still continuing to do well at night and will sleep for anywhere from 6-8 hours from her last feeding.

The lamb mobile. It makes her so happy to lay there watching the sheep go round and round.

Stories. She loves being read to. She is so quiet, content and interested at night when we read Kennedy's stories. And during the day, if I need to calm her down, I just need to show her a book and start reading.

Kennedy. She watches, smiles and coos whenever her big sister is near. The feeling is mutual, Kennedy can't get enough of Chloe.

The Sling. She likes to be held and I love holding her, but it is nice to have my hands free every now and then. Kennedy loved being in the sling so I am happy Chloe does as well.

Happy little girl.