Friday, July 26, 2013

Celebrating 3

Since we were traveling on Kennedy's birthday, Greg and I wanted to do something at home to give her a special day with just the three of us. We started the day with pink pancakes (her favorite), gave her a bicycle (with training wheels) and had a fun day together as a family.

Once we got to Albuquerque, it felt like we celebrated her birthday every single day we were there. Lots of surprises, sweets, friends and family were never in short supply. One gift she got from Lainey and Gramps that nearly sent her over the edge was a Cinderella wedding dress. She really likes to dress up and play wedding at home, and generally uses blankets and scarves as her dress and veil. So you can imagine her excitement when she saw a white, poufy, glittery real wedding dress, veil and bouquet. She wore it most of the week. My favorite thing is watching her personality completely change when she puts it on. She goes into full on princess mode: soft, sweet voice, graceful and gentle moves.

In the weeks leading up to Kennedy's birthday party, all she could talk about was having a Cinderella princess party. This was perfect, since we had already booked the pink-a-lympics gymnastics party she had been talking about since January. So, we decided to do both. A Cinderella party in Albuquerque and a pink gymnastics party in Dallas.

On the morning of her birthday, we invited a few little friends over to the Enchanted Garden to have snacks and play outside. Kennedy wore her Cinderella dress, naturally. There were manicures, bubbles and plenty of toys to play with/argue over. It was fun to celebrate her birthday with our Albuquerque friends and we enjoyed playing with some of her new gifts in the afternoon.

After the Cinderella festivities wrapped up and we all enjoyed a long rest, we all finished out the day at a park near my parents house. The next morning it was time for the three of us to fly home and get ready for the Pink-a-lympics party in Dallas.

Pink pancake party. 
Wedding Kennedy and posing with mommy and Lainey. 
Little Birthday Princess
 Snack table fit for a princess. 
 Some birthday pals. Sam and I are pregnant at the same time again (10 wks apart). Kennedy and her daughter Kaylie are only 4 days apart!  
Marlowe giving Kennedy a manicure and Kennedy & Kaylie enjoying some snacks. 
 Park time with Gramps, Lainey, Mommy, Daddy and Alex. 

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