Monday, November 11, 2013

Week One at Home

We have been home from the hospital a little over a week and are adjusting to life with two littles. Kennedy has embraced Chloe and absolutely loves being a big sister. She loves to hold her, sing to her and try to play with her. She had a really hard time with mommy being gone a couple nights, and because of that, is extremely mommy-attached. But we are slowly figuring out what our new normal is. I have to make sure Kennedy gets extra special, undivided attention from Mommy. I was fortunate last week to have Greg home from work, so I could go pick up Kennedy and take her on Mommy/Kennedy dates.

We are getting out and about quite a bit as a family of four and I am learning the art of nursing on the go. Parking garages, park benches, etc. The days fly by as we try to work outings and activities in between feedings and rest time.

My recovery has been shockingly easy this time around. I did take a little better care of myself leading up to delivery (exercising up until Chloe was born). I got up and started walking at the hospital and we have been going on neighborhood walks since we got home. I did get sick and thought I had strep. Turns out it was a viral infection and pink eye.  Super fun (not really) but I got over it and Chloe didn't get it. Plus, having a three year old kind of forces me to get up and moving around.

Chloe is a pretty mellow little lady (so far). Of course, she is less than two weeks old, so it is only a matter of time before she "wakes-up" a little more. She loves her sleep. At night I have a hard time waking her to eat, she would much rather snooze. And I am ok with that. As soon as she is back up to her birth weight, I no longer have to wake her to feed during the night.

We had newborn pictures done on Friday by the same photographer who took Kennedy's newborn pics. We were at her studio most of the day and Kennedy actually had a really good time hanging out and playing. The sneak peeks we have received are beautiful and I can't wait to see the rest.

We have a follow up doctor appointment to check Chloe's weight and finish her newborn screening in the morning. There are shots involved. Wish us luck.

Hanging out at home. 

Getting out of the house. 
Newborn session sneak peeks. 

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