Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pink-a-lympics Party

When I started asking Kennedy what she wanted to do for her birthday party, she very specifically requested a pink gymnastics party. We talked about this for months and when I realized she was actually locked into this idea, I found a place that would allow me to host a party for a 3 year old. 

So we had the Pink-a-lympics at The Palaestra in Dallas. The facility was huge and we had pretty much free reign of the equipment. The best part of this place: parents were encouraged to jump, tumble and participate as much as they wanted. Honestly, I know the kids had a blast, but the adults really got in on the fun. Everyone was showing off their best trampoline tricks and flips into the foam pit. It looked so fun!! I had to watch from the sidelines, on account of the baby belly. 

The foam pit was the main attraction. Its HUGE. The foam is about 4 feet deep with a trampoline floor. So you can flip, jump, dive, etc. into the soft blocks. Watching the adults attempt to climb out of it was about as much fun as watching them jump in. 

After everyone was sufficiently worn out from showcasing their gymnastics skills, we headed to the party room for snacks, drinks and cupcakes. At Kennedy's request, all the cupcakes had pink frosting and were a mix of chocolate and white cake. I think it turned out to be an awesome birthday party, I know Kennedy sure had a blast!

Fantastic Gymnastics!
Grown Up Fun. 
Aunt Jill, Gymnastics Enthusiast, even gave the arial silks a try.  
Happy 3rd Birthday Kennedy!! Grammyflash and Big Poppa came in from Midland to celebrate with us. Kennedy is on about cupcake #6 in this picture. 

Birthday girl in her birthday outfit. 
Adorable gymnast invitations by Stamped Paper Co. 

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