Monday, December 2, 2013

One Month

Month One has literally flown by. I couldn't believe Chloe was already a month old on Saturday. Sometimes it feels like we just left the hospital a few days ago and other times it feels like she has always been here. She is still a really sweet little baby. She loves eating, sleeping and taking baths. She is sleeping really well, which is making things much more manageable during the day for me and Greg. She's still such a newbie that most of our days are really just filling time between feedings. I have been able to build up a (small) supply of pumped milk, so we have the flexibility to do a bottle when nursing isn't super convenient.

Kennedy couldn't be sweeter with Chloe. She really has embraced being a big sister. She's a really happy little girl and has become even more independent with Chloe's arrival. She plays well by herself (and still lives in her little imaginary worlds) but also loves to try to include Chloe when she can. At times, when Chloe is crying or upset, the mere sound of Kennedy's voice calms her down. I know Kennedy is going to be so excited when Chloe can "do more" laugh, coo, smile, etc.
Some of our favorite spots to hang out - the bath being close to the top of the list. 

Chloe's first Cinderella dress. 

Miss Chloe - One Month

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