Monday, August 19, 2013

American Girl

One of our recent summer adventures was visiting the American Girl store here in Dallas. Kennedy got an American Girl Bitty Baby for her birthday (which is basically the gateway drug doll to the big American Girl dolls) and some accessories to match. Since she loves to play baby, mommy, tea party, etc., I thought she might really enjoy having lunch in the American Girl cafe. And enjoy it she did. Its adorable. Pink explosion. Pretty much every little girl's dream come true. They have doll high chairs and bring the dolls teeny tiny cups of pink lemonade. We met up with our friend Lilly and her mommy Chrissy for an afternoon girls lunch.

The girls snacked on a fruit appetizer before their mac'n'cheese and pink lemonade. After they finished their meal, they each enjoyed a scoop of pink ice cream. We spent a little time in the store looking at all the dolls. Kennedy is still far too young for an American Girl doll, but it took her no time to find the Bitty Baby section full of strollers, cribs, and clothes for the baby dolls. We had come from our final post-op with the eye dr, where Kennedy not only was a little angel, but received the good news that her eyes are perfectly in alignment. For those reasons, I let her get an outfit for Bitty. But I had to put my foot down when she requested the matching outfit for herself.

 Putting Bitty in her new outfit for lunch. 
The girls and their babies. 

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