Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Welcome Back

Last weekend we got to welcome Uncle Eric back to 'Merica. He has spent the last 4 years teaching English in Korea and moved back to New Mexico to attend grad school. His lovely wife Sora will join him in about a month, once he is settled in their house and her green card is squared away.

Eric only stayed with us for a night as he was making his way to New Mexico, but we wanted to make his welcome as warm as we could. So we spent the morning making fun signs to hold up at the airport. You better believe the whole family got involved. We sketched, cut, painted and colored all morning. And I think Eric enjoyed the signs.

After he spent a grueling 13 hours on a plane, we wanted to have a relaxing evening watching college football, eating Texas BBQ, queso and drinking beer. On Sunday, we took him on a little Dallas tour, stopped at In-n-Out (obviously) and headed back to the airport. Just a quick visit, but Kennedy loved having him here and showing him every princess item in the house. I know she will be excited to get to see him more often now that he is living closer. We all will be excited to see him more often!

I absolutely love Kennedy's drawing of Eric (top right). We also had to include Psy, since we literally could not avoid him or his music in Seoul. 
The Welcome Wagon. 
High-Fives. Hanging out with Uncle Eric.

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