Friday, July 26, 2013

Three Year Interview

We interviewed Kennedy a couple of weeks ago asking her some of her favorites. Some of her answers caught me by surprise and others were just as expected.

What's your name? Kennedy
How old are you? holds up three fingers
When is your birthday? July fifth
What is your favorite color? Pink (no surprise here)
What's your favorite animal? Cow (I have no idea...)
What's your favorite book? Twinkle Little Star (a night time book)
What's your favorite show? Mickey (always has been!)
What's your favorite movie? Madagascar (although she does like this, I would have to say her current favorite is Cinderella)
What's your favorite song? Rapunzel (from the movie Tangled)
What's your favorite food? Chicken nuggets (I would have to override here and say macaroni and cheese). 
What's your favorite drink? Water
Who is your best friend? Emily (what's really sweet is Emily said 'Kennedy' in her interview)
What's your favorite toy? Minnie Mouse
What's your favorite thing to do? gibberish mumbles...she was being silly here
What do you want to be when you grow up? Cinderella
What did you do for your birthday party? wedding dress (That's rue, she did wear a wedding dress. But she also had a couple fun parties, too.)
What's your favorite thing to do outside? Chalk
What's your favorite thing to do at home? Food (I assume she means playing in her kitchen)
What's your favorite restaurant? A Disneyworld one (I would actually say its Chic-Fil-A)

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