Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Decorating

"I'm decorating!" This is one of Kennedy's new favorite sayings. And she is often referring to the tree we put up in her playroom. It was our little tree from NYC and is the perfect size for her room. Ornaments on. Ornaments off. Repeat. I don't mind letting her play with this one because the ornaments are shatterproof, and it keeps her sticky little fingers off the real ornaments on the real tree.

She did "help" us put the lights on the real tree, but when it was time to put all our schmancy ornaments on, I had Greg take her outside to play. She thinks they are all her babies, and after we broke Cinderella 2 hours after bringing her home from the store, I decided to keep anything of interest out of her line of sight. Its better she can't see the little bride and groom from our wedding, or stork from her first Christmas, or sub-sammich that Greg picked out last year. 

We are starting a couple new traditions I am excited about: a Christmas village and Elf on the Shelf. My mom always had a village for me and my brothers and I loved getting it out every year. My mom sent us our first piece and I can't wait to add to it over the years with Kennedy. She loves looking at it and has done a really good job of looking with her eyes, and not her hands. We also introduced Kennedy to Waffles, her special Christmas Elf. She has fun looking for him in the morning and talks to him throughout the day. I may or may not be getting more enjoyment out of this little game. At 11:30 last night I was far too tired to load the dishwasher, but not too tired to sew him some custom bedding complete with a pillow and box-pleats. 

We have so many fun activities and parties leading up to Christmas. We haven't braved seeing Santa in person yet after last year's episode, but maybe in a few weeks we will give it a go. 

Kennedy and mommy decorating. Coincidently, we are both wearing flannel. 

Garland on the mantel, first piece of our village and our cute stockings. 

 Meet Waffles. 

The Tree. Its real and it smells amazing. 

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  1. Your house looks so pretty decorated for Christmas! I especially love your garland and waffles