Friday, December 7, 2012

Gingerbread House

We have lots of fun Christmassy things planned while Lainey is in town visiting. Today we made a visit to Northpark Mall (a standard stop when Lainey is in town) and came home to build a gingerbread house. Kennedy was so excited when we got all the supplies (out of the box) and set out on the table. I mean, there were M&M's involved. But what my mom and I didn't realize was how long the icing needed to set before we could decorate it. Plan B: glue gun. 

We glued the house together and it was ready to frost and decorate in minutes. Kennedy concentrated so hard while she lined up all the little candy decorations on the roof. Then it was my turn to pipe on some shingles and snow. And then I got a little carried away. Kennedy helped me with the scalloping and I can tell she is going to be a natural with a piping bag. She was was really proud of her house and it will be a challenge to keep her from plucking off the candies.

 Kennedy and Lainey decorating the house. 

I could not keep those little hands out of the candy supply. 

Kennedy's Grauntie sent some special snowman cookies with Lainey. 

Kennedy's house. 

Little lady and her house. 

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