Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mr. Mom

Last week I was hit hard by a nasty stomach bug. We all know what that means so we can just skip the details and assume I spent 30 hours holed up in our room (watching Sister Wives and Catfish marathons). Thankfully Greg had a flexible schedule at work and was able to assume the role of mom on Thursday and Friday.

First up was the school's Christmas party (technically, the Jesus Birthday Party...its a baptist school). I was really sad to miss this because I always love having the opportunity to get a glimpse into her little world at school. But Greg got her dressed, lunch packed and to school by 9. He got to attend the party and assist her in her Christmas craft. 

When it was pick-up time from school, I was still unable to resume my motherly responsibilities, so Greg picked her up and took her to work with him. I can't even imagine how excited she was about this, she loves going to Daddy's office! The trusty iPad and a coloring book kept her content while he finished up a little work. Greg doesn't have the compulsive need to document the day's happenings like I do, so you will just have to imagine her at the agency with him.

After work it was time to go to the Kidville Christmas party, which lucky for Greg, meant dinner was provided for him and Kennedy. By the time they got home it was already time for bath and bed.

Friday morning Greg took Kennedy to ballet, and then gymnastics, and I was finally feeling well enough to keep her for the afternoon. I ended up having to miss out on a fun party Friday night at Caroline's house, but am glad to be feeling much better! I know Kennedy loved having the daddy/daughter time with Greg. And the stomach bug left me a few pounds lighter, just in time for cookies and fudge next week in Midland.

Despite their serious faces, I know the girls had fun at the party!

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