Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Crafting

Kennedy and I had some of her friends over for a Christmas craft and some snacks yesterday. We had felt stockings to decorate with poms, jewels, stickers and glitter letters. When clean up time came, I was happy to see that the coloring and stickers landed only on paper (for the most part). I was really glad I taped down a cheapy-cheap table cover because it made cleaning up all those little sparkly things super easy. I may start putting those down on Kennedy's craft table so I don't have to go through as many Magic Erasers.

I made a festive Christmas tree fruit platter, courtesy of Pinerest and had a few other little treats for them. Once they were done with lunch and their craft, they all wanted to go outside and play. The backyard swing became a hot commodity, so to relieve tensions in the group, we loaded them in the wagon and walked over to the neighborhood park. Of course they all still wanted the exact same swing at the park, go figure, but there was more space for them to run around. All this fun and excitement completely wore out Kennedy and she napped for a good portion of the afternoon.

Only a handful of quarrels over the (pretend) toaster and swing, no markers on my furniture, and a long nap from Kennedy. I'd call it a success.


Lunch bunch. 

I swear they were having fun despite their serious little faces. 

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