Sunday, December 9, 2012

Foiled By Santa

On Saturday morning we went to the Y for Cookies with Santa and Kennedy's Christmas ballet performance. I knew we would be avoiding Santa like the plague, but figured we could get in, do the dance, have a cookie and leave with out having to get too close to the man in red. The little girls have been working on their dance for the past few weeks, and given the hilarity of the shoulder shrugging at Halloween, I was dying to see what they had in store for Christmas. We got her dressed in a fuzzy snowflake dress and ballet shoes and she sat still while I curled her hair. She was excited to be dressed like a Winter Fairy (we're really into Tinkerbell). Greg, my mom and I had great seats and Kennedy was beyond excited to see us in the front. She kept pointing and yelling, "there's my mommy! my daddy is here!" 

She went from smiles to frowns in seconds at the announcement that Santa would be there for the performance. For some reason, the woman behind the mic decided it would be a good idea to bring out Santa for all the 2 and 3 years olds to dance in front of. Has she ever been around 2 year olds? They were all terrified. At the mere mention of Santa, panic filled the room. When she saw him round the corner she bailed on the whole thing and ran to my mom. The show pretty much derailed and more little girls were crying than not. We stayed to watch her little friends and have a cookie, but Kennedy did not want to stand by herself knowing Santa was roaming freely in the building. I don't think this will be our year for a Smiling On Santa's Lap Picture. 

Pointing out her fan club. 
Whaaaat? Did you say Santa? 
No. No. No. 

Enjoying a cookie while keeping her eye on Santa behind her. 

Lainey, the Winter Fairy and Mommy. 

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