Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas: Dance Party

How many times did you hear Gangnam Style during your Christmas holiday? I've lost count. A few times a day, when the girls were getting a little restless/stir crazy, we would put on music and have a Dance Party. On the cookie decorating night, they were all hopped up on the sugars and demanded Gangnam Style (or the horsey dance) over and over again. This is one of Kennedy's favorites at home and I think she made it her cousins new favorite as well.

Kennedy has, as she calls them, Fancy Moves. And she was showing them off to her best ability. Lots of kicking and fist pumping. But she showed us something I had never seen before, her Dance Face. Some might call it the look of pure determination, while others may refer to it as classic sorority girl duck face.
Rapunzels ready to party. 

Dance Party started as a Jumping On The Couch Party. The kind of fun you can only have at your grandparent's house. 

 Blurry pics. And she lost her pants midway through the party. Its a pants-off dance-off.

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