Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Catch Up

So it seems I have fallen a little behind on the blog. Let's catch up, shall we? The Hunters celebrated Thanksgiving in Amarillo this year. We got the long weekend started when Greg took Wednesday afternoon off. We got to have an unexpected family day and all went to Kennedy's afternoon gymnastics class. Not surprising, the gym was nearly empty and we ended up having a private lesson. That wore Kennedy out and made it easy to prep for our road trip the next morning.
Little gymnast showing off her skills. 
I tried to do as much pre-planning as possible to get ready so Greg and I weren't up until midnight packing. I even simplified my weekend wardrobe to leggings and long, loose shirts. It was a fantastic plan in theory, but failed miserably in execution when I got sidetracked and never remembered to pack any leggings. Standard packing fail.

We were Amarillo bound early Thanksgiving morning. One quick return to the house (someone left their iPhone...I need to just have it fused to my hand given my recent track record of losses) and we were off. Just under six hours in the car and Kennedy was the poster-child for Well Behaved Traveler. I found this (crash-tested) tray that attaches to her carseat and it was the MVP of the trip. She loved having her own little table to color, eat snacks, play with her dolls, etc.

We were greeted by Big Poppa, Grammyflash, Uncle Clinton, beer and champagne in Amarillo. Kennedy got to run around and burn off some energy before we all went to see Greg's Grand Mammy.

We met the family in Amarillo because Carrie (Grand Mammy) is there recovering from West Nile. She had the West Nile virus in October and Greg's family had her transferred from Silverton to Amarillo. She has had a rough recovery, but we were happy to see her up, smiling and in good spirits. She sill has a long road to "all-better," but she is strong willed and determined to get herself healthy. We spent the weekend visiting, sprucing up her room and watching Kennedy provide the weekend's entertainment.

When we weren't visiting Carrie, we spent the rest of our time at Greg's Aunt Debbie's house eating, drinking and watching Kennedy explore the house. I had no idea how much fun stairs and a cat door could be, but Kennedy entertained herself on the unintentional playground. We had a lot of fun with Grammyflash and Big Poppa and are excited to see them at the end of the month to celebrate Christmas.

Kennedy loved making sure Carrie was staying hydrated. And she couldn't get enough of the privacy curtain in Carrie's room. 

Cat door. Best unintentional toy, ever. 

 Happy Thanksgiving!

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