Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas: Cookies

On Christmas Eve, Julia and I made the sugar cookie dough, cut out the cookies and baked them in preparation for decorating. When we got back from church, we set out bowls of sprinkles and frosting and put aprons on each of the girls. They loved decorating the cookies and had an even better time sampling the frosting. I was busy snapping pictures and looked over to find Kennedy with her entire fist in her mouth. It was then that I realized I hadn't heard from her in a few minutes. She was, as quickly and quietly as possible, shoving as much frosting in her mouth as she could We decorated a ton and picked the favorites to leave for Santa.

Then the game of jumping from the ottoman to the couch started. And then Gangnam Style. And then the big sugar crash of 2012.
Cookie decorating. 

 Everyone took a turn frosting and adorning with sprinkles. 

Frost. Lick off cookie. Repeat.  

Running on 100% sugar. 

Cookies for Santa

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