Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas: Christmas Eves

Our Christmas Eve-Eve festivities started when Greg's aunt Debbie and cousins, Meagan (and her boyfriend Chris) and Meredith. rolled in from Amarillo. They were greeted with drinks and a variety of smoked meats. Greg's dad has become quite the master of the smoker. After we were sufficiently stuffed and drinks were refilled, it was time for the big gift exchange. Its been going on for a while in Greg's family, all the cousins (all of us 'big kids,' not the little girls) bring a gift and we exchange it White Elephant style. I'm just going to go ahead and say that I walked away with the best gift, an awesome cheese board from one of my favorite brands, C. Wonder.

The next morning, Christmas Eve, we had a big mimosa brunch with the Amarillo cousins before they hit the road. The girls live in NYC and were headed back to the East Coast. We let the little girls play in their new princess dresses before it was time to get ready for church. Wouldn't you know that little Miss Kennedy decided to take her first power nap of the trip just as it was time to get ready. Like the old saying goes, you never wake a sleeping Kennedy, so I stayed home while everyone went to candlelight service. As it turned out she woke up shortly after they left and we hustled over to make church service. Amen.

We came home, decorated cookies for Santa and read stories to the girls. They were pretty excited for Santa and Kennedy went to bed talking about the choo-choo train she just knew he would bring her in the morning.

Me, Greg, Meagan, Meredith, Ross and Jennifer

The Gifts. 

The Best Gift. Who wants to come over for a smorgasbord of cheese and charcuterie?!

Greg showing off his portrait skills with a sketch of his dad on the MagnaDoodle. 

Oh, fair maiden. 

Grammyflash, Big Poppa and the girls at church. 

The Christmas Hunters.

Three Musketeers. 

The Hunters. Christmas 2012. 

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