Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our Little Christmas

We had our little Hunter Family Christmas the night before we left for Midland. Friday night is pretty much always Pizza Night in our house, and Kennedy was really excited about it. While I was out during the day I picked up some Christmas cupcakes from Sprinkles. We could hardly keep Kennedy away from all the presents under the tree and she was really eager to help hand them out.

We let Kennedy go first, like we could even expect her to wait any longer! She would barely tear open the corner of the paper and scream, "ooh! look what I got!!" She was equally excited to help me and Greg open our gifts from each other (fun things from Zella and Lululemon for me and some schmancy new shoes for Greg). After presents were exchanged and paper was cleaned up, we cut up the cupcakes and enjoyed our sweet treats.

She went to bed with her baby polar bear and was very excited to leave for Christmas Vacation in the morning.

Trying to sneak peeks at her gifts. 

Giving Olive a special Christmas toy. And opening her new, fun toys. 

Sweet treats. 

Big Magna Doodle, stamp set and a "real" polar bear cub. 

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