Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa FAIL

The Santa Photo. This is how it went in my mind: Kennedy was dressed in a perfectly themed Christmas outfit, she would sit like a little lady and smile at the camera. She might hug Santa. Then she would excitedly wave bye-bye at Santa and would have wonderful memories of her visit for the next hour. I would have the perfect Santa Photo for our album.

But the reality was far from my 'vision' of her Santa visit.

The first time we went to see Santa, Kennedy held onto me crying "no, mama, no, no, no." We left and no picture was taken.

The second and third times went exactly like the first.

Tonight was the night we were going to go for it. Northpark has a sweet set up. Santa is in a little cottage sitting by the fire and they only let one kiddo in at a time. I even brought Kennedy to story time with Santa this morning to familiarize her a little. Caroline, Ashley and I got our tickets to see Santa this morning (they hold your place in line all day!) We came back when the husbands got off work and thought if all the girls saw each other sitting with Santa, maybe they wouldn't be so traumatized. Greg and I went first. I bribed Kennedy out of the stroller with an M&M I had bit into quarters and popped one in her mouth just before I sat her on Santa's lap. This did not distract her in the least. You could hear her screams through the entire mall, I am sure of it. Neither Alex nor Emily were fans of Santa.  Maybe next year.

She already looks unsure. But we do have an adorable holiday outfit on. 

"Nooooooooo!" - Kennedy

 "Nooooooooo!" - Alex

 "Nooooooooo!" - Emily

Official Santa Pic, 2011


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