Saturday, February 26, 2011

In The Bag

My handbags have always been on the heavy side. In NY I had the 'no car' excuse, so I had no choice but to carry all the Daily Essentials with me: MacBook, flats/heels, snacks, Twilight, the kitchen sink, etc. In Dallas I don't really have that excuse, so I've gotta blame it on the Baby. Sometimes I pick up my bag and I wonder if Greg somehow snuck a few gold bars in there (I wish).

I decided to empty the contents of my bag and see exactly what is weighing me down:

  1. The bag, Kate Spade. Loooove.
  2. Cosmetics clutch, Tory Burch. Looove.
  3. Kennedy's bottle
  4. Wipes case (baggie of gift cards and coupons hiding behind the wipes case)
  5. Bunnz
  6. Dayplanner
  7. Mommy's bottle
  8. Wallet
  9. Diapers
  10. Burp cloth
  11. Chew toy
  12. Emergency snack for Kennedy
  13. Emergency snack for me
  14. Toy assortment
  15. Bib
  16. Back up hair bow (see: this post for reasoning)
  17. iPhone
  18. Teething biscuits
  19. Pacifier wipes
  20. Boogie wipes (y'all, if you aren't using these, you need to start. Now.)
  21. Antibacterial wipes
That's a pretty full bag considering the changing pad and blankets aren't even pictured (they usually end up in the bottom basket of the stroller). This is what it takes to leave the house these days.

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