Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I know we just finished Valentine's Day, but the next holiday on the calendar is St. Patrick's Day. Since it is just a month away, that gives me plenty of time to start thinking about Kennedy's themed attire. This year my little leprechaun will be wearing one of these:

Greg and his friend Justin came up with the Irishish t-shirt so you can proudly display your little bit o'heritage on St. Paddy's Day. Perfect for lads, lasses and wee ones. And if you have a little irish loaf in the oven, don't fret, there is a maternity tee available as well.

Ready for some more Irishish fun? Then how about a giveaway. One lucky reader will win their choice of a t-shirt (mens, womens, toddler or onesie). I will choose a winner at random on 2/23. Here's how to enter: Like Irishish on facebook and leave a blog comment under this post letting me know you did so. You can also leave a blog comment telling me which "ish" you would want to see next. Each comment on this post is worth one entry.


  1. I liked it a la FB! I am still fattish from my babyish.

  2. Done. And I second Caroline's suggestion for Texanish. Cuz we're, like, our own nation, baby!