Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 Babies + 1 Swing

We made our way to the park today to celebrate Alex's 1st birthday. We all met at Ashley and Alex's house and strolled over together. Is strolled the right word? Maybe paraded is more like it. 8 mommies, 8 babies, 8 strollers loaded down with blankets, diaper bags, cameras and toys.

We noshed on goodies Ashley prepared and fed the babies their lunches. Kennedy got her first taste of a blueberry muffin (loved it) and got to play in the swings (super loved it). That brings me to The Best Part Of The Day. Caroline and I both love Georgie Girl, and though she is a complete stranger, we talk about her like we've known her for years. In the fall she had a post with her daughter and another baby sitting back to back in a park swing. We have pretty much have been waiting to put our girls in the same fashion since we read that post. Well today was the day, and in Caroline's words, "it was everything I had hoped it would be."

One of every stroller sold at Giggle. Just about.

Can't escape the Mamarazzi

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