Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pink and Green Palace

It has come to my attention that we never posted pictures of our finished nursery. While I was pregnant, we decided to wait to find out if the baby would be a Miss or a Mister, so we went with a gender neutral theme with the intention of adding in more personal touches. After Kennedy was born, I couldn't wait to add to her nursery and make it more special. The only request from Greg was that it not turn into a Pink Explosion.

The Before:

We chose the Sweet Lambie bedding from Pottery Barn Kids and went with black furniture, as to coordinate with furnishings throughout our house. We chose a big comfy rocking chair from PB Kids as well and decided to paint the walls a coordinating green. This was really all that was in place until July, 5.

The After:

This is such a little girl's room. We added some accessories on her dresser, a pink rug and pink black out curtains. We hung a mobile of paper butterflies over the changing table which Kennedy loves to stare at. We framed pictures from her newborn photo sesh and hung them over the crib. One of my favorite things in her room are the blocks that spell her name, these came from a shop on Etsy. Lastly, one of my craft projects has been a shadowbox with a bunch of keepsakes from the hospital and Kennedy's first few days...look at how tiny that little handprint is. We have saved a spot on the wall above the big green chair for a special print from Aunt Jill.

The next project: Kennedy's playroom. Just a sneak peek for now as we are working on some finishing touches. As you can see, the pink and green theme has spilled over. Maybe a little heavier on the pink at this point.

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