Monday, February 7, 2011

The Weekend

A little weekend recap: snow melted, roads are cleared, the Hunters finally left the house.

On Saturday we ran some essential errands (a family trip to Banana Republic) and went to Molly's first birthday party. Since it was a Minnie Mouse themed party we thought it appropriate that Kennedy wear her Minnie Mouse bow to the festivities.

On Sunday we went to a baby friendly Super Bowl party with Caroline and Lizzy at their parent's house. Dinner was delicious and as much as I wanted more lasagna, I had my eye on the prize, Lizzy's birthday cake. This cake probably deserves its own post, but this is a blog about Kennedy and not my obsession with sweets. But y'all, it was so good. Kellyn from k bakes baked this delicious treat and we all couldn't get enough of it.

Monday we fell back into our normal routine and had some fun playtime in the afternoon.

Ready to party.

Kennedy and Emily explaining the Big Game to Hadley.

The Birthday Cake. Need I say any more?

Kennedy's new toy obsession - anything she can see her reflection in.

What up, dog.

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  1. oh my goodness!! your photos of kennedy are completely precious! i especially *love* the one of her with emily explaining the game to hadley, lol!