Monday, October 31, 2011

A Real Good Time

Greg and I got to spend Saturday night in Austin while my mom kept Kennedy here in Dallas. We drove down and met all our friends to celebrate Caroline's 30th birthday. And celebrate we certainly did. I was feeling a little less than 100% yesterday. I should mention the party was at a winery. And the night started and ended with a party bus. 

We started off the night with cocktails in the bus. There was some heavy handed pouring and the 'yell-talking' amongst the chatty girls got off to an early start. There were photo opps and a little bocce ball before we went in the Duchman Family Winery for the tour and tasting. 

After we sufficiently 'sampled' the best the winery had to offer, we headed into the restaurant next door. Its called Trattoria Lisina and if you find yourself in the Austin area, I highly recommend it. There was so much food at dinner and each course was better than the one before. Pasta, lasagna and bruscetta all came out before the meat course! We finished off dinner with tiramisu and vanilla gelatto that was To-Die-For. 

The next morning Greg and I got up to head back to Dallas. We ended grabbing some breakfast and taking a little hike to Mount Bonnell. It was such a beautiful morning and I think a little fresh air was just what we needed before spending a few hours in the car. We love to visit Austin and can't wait to go back again this weekend for the UT/Texas Tech game with Grammyflash and Big Poppa!

The Hunters

The Group
View from the highest point in Austin, the top of Mount Bonnell.


  1. both pics of you and greg are great. but i just LOVE the one of you in the purple. your eyes look a-maz-ing.

    i have fond memories of mount bonnell from college. even though i didn't go to night my friends and i drove there (which was like a 5 hour drive for us) just to watch the sun rise there. it was great.

    looks like a great trip!

  2. oh also. i'm like this hair do. color and cut.