Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Greg

Yesterday was Greg's birthday and we had a really fun day celebrating with family and friends. His parents, also known as Big Poppa and Grammyflash, came in town to hang out with us and keep Kennedy so G and I could go out on the town last night.

We started off the day by meeting some NYC friends that were in town for lunch at Texadelphia. Eli and Greg were college roommates at UT and we all hung out a lot in NYC. We definitely miss them and were excited to get to hang out with them for a couple hours on Saturday.

Later in the afternoon, I rant to Tiff's Treats (an Austin staple now available in Dallas) to get some yummy cookies to share with our friends at the bar later on. Greg and I packed a few things, kissed Kennedy goodbye and headed downtown to the Belmont Hotel.

After checking in and a few pre-dinner cocktails with the Pfeiffers, we headed over to have dinner at Lockhart Smokehouse. Y'all, this BBQ is legit. You order meat by the pound and they don't give you forks or knives to eat it with. The boys were fine eating with their hands, savages, but Caroline brought utensils for the ladies.

We ate a ton and made it out of there before the Meat Comas set in completely. We headed to Bar Belmont where we met friends for drinks. And more drinks. And cookies. But mostly drinks. And fun times.

The Hunters & The Terrys
Who is that sweet, smiling little girl? Yep, that's Kennedy, mid tantrum. 

Let's put on our party hats! 

Happy Birthday Daddy. 

Belmont Hotel 

Pre-dinner bubbly 


Hilarious, not-staged-at-all, jokes being told. 

Waiting for our BBQ



  1. yay! i just wish the picture was of the hunters, terrys AND marhsalls!

  2. There's even space to the right of Eli.

  3. maybe some photoshopping needs to happen.