Monday, October 17, 2011

In The Car

Now that Kennedy has moved to the big carseat and faces forward, I love to peek behind me (not when I'm moving, of course) to smile at her. We play a game where I turn around, say boo and she laughs uncontrollably.

Most of the time, this is what I see when I turn around. 
She loves books. Loves them even more in the car.

 Aaah! Mommy is SO hilarious. 

Side note: if you happen to have a Britax Boulevard, they are quite difficult to find covers for. My friend Ashley found some by Bokoo Covers and I love mine. Bright, fun colors that are easy to remove and wash. They keep the car seat clean and protected from messy toddlers. Since we will be in this seat for a while, figured it was a good idea to try to keep it in good shape!

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