Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kennedy for a Day

Ever wanted to know what it was like to be Kennedy for a day? Wonder no longer. 

7:30 (ish) - time to wake up. 

Having milk and checking the morning headlines in bed. 

She spends a little time playing in her crib before we get up, put on a fresh diaper and head into the kitchen for breakfast. 

Toddler brekkie: blueberry pancakes, berry medley, bananas, yogurt and milk. 
Mommy brekkie: cereal and OJ mixed with super foods. Looks awful, tastes just like OJ. Promise.

"mah cak peese"
Translate: Mommy, when its convenient for you I would like some more pancakes, please. 

9:00 (ish) - pop in the jogger for a little run/walk combo around the neighborhood. Surprise! Today its freaking freezing outside. 

After our neighborhood stroll we come back, get dressed and play a little before dirtying the first outfit of the day. On this particular day she was playing with some new toys. One is a little holder for the iPhone and the other is her shopping cart. She can play independently while I get dressed, straighten up the house and get ready for the day's activities. 

 "eyes. eyes. eyes. eyes."

12:00 (ish) - time to meet our friends for lunch and playtime. This week we met up at Willowbend Mall for the new H&M opening. The crowds were unbearable and totally stroller unfriendly, so we ate lunch and made our way to the Loony Toons play area.

Toddler lunch: tri-color pasta with butternut squash, apple sauce, green beans and milk. 
Mommy lunch: Chic-fil-a 

Catching a snooze in the car on the way home. 

2:30 (ish) - Naptime. Or on some days its more like "baby plays quietly in her crib" time. 

No nap today, just hanging out in her crib. 

 Time for Mommy to do a little sewing. 

4:00 (ish) - Snack time. Either we play at home or run errands in the afternoon. This day we headed to Nordstrom for the half-yearly sale and picked up a new pair of trainers for Kennedy. 

Snack on the go: milk and a carrot/mango squeezie pack.

6:00 (ish) - Time for dinner. On this night, Greg was working late, so it was just us girls. Kennedy ate while we watched a little Baby Einstein sign language. 

Toddler dinner: mac'n'cheese with broccoli (and chicken, shhh), green beans, corn and milk. 

6:30 - post dinner we play around the house, pick up from the day and start to unwind for the evening. Normally, Greg helps pick up while I keep Kennedy entertained, but on this day, I was on my own. 

 Really into baby dolls right now.

Ooh, the Lilly Resort catalog is out. Don't mind if I do.  

If the gate wasn't up she would be in the dishwasher. 

7:30 - Time to get ready for bed. We do bath, brush teeth and read a story every night. We're creatures of habit and we try not to break routine unless we absolutely have to. 


 Cleaning the toofins.

"rock"      "book" 

Sound asleep. 

Time for Mommy to pour a glass of wine and make a nutritiously balanced dinner: grilled cheese and sweet potato fries. 


  1. Love it. And I need the iPhone carrier...where did you get it?

  2. Katie - the iphone thing is freaking awesome. It was at Babies R Us (I went to the new one on the Tollway), its by Fisher Price and its under $20.