Sunday, October 9, 2011

TX OU Weekend

Thousands of people flood to Dallas every year for the Texas vs. Oklahoma football game, called the Red River Rivalry. Its one of the biggest rivalries in college football and dates back to 1900! The game is played in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl, which is halfway between Austin and Norman. Everywhere you go leading up to the weekend you see Longhorn and Sooner flags, t-shirts, etc.

The game was played yesterday and it turned out to be a tough day to be a Longhorn since they lost pretty badly to Oklahoma. Despite the fact that the outcome of the game was not in our favor, we still had fun getting together with friends for brunch. Well, I speak for myself and Kennedy here, we had a lot of fun. At times Greg looked like he was going to break things while watching the game.

After a two hour nap in Caroline's closet (lol), Kennedy had fun playing outside with Emily and Knox. Specifically, she liked playing in Emily's little car. If she was awake, she was more than likely sitting in the car. She is also really into baby dolls right now. She has a few at home that she pretends to put to bed, holds and pats them on the back, and recently started trying to feed them scraps of food. She couldn't have been more excited to see baby Austin's carseat empty. She had fun putting a doll in it, 'buckling' her in and taking her back out again.

 Hook 'em Hunters

Pre-game: all smiles. 

During game: not so many smiles. 

 Buckle Up.


The Car: her favorite spot.

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