Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Costume Week

Its the week before Halloween and it feels like every day we have had a costumed event of some sort. Tuesday was Noah's Ark Day at school and they asked all the kids to come dressed as animals. We didn't have an animal costume since Kennedy's 'real' halloween costume is of a more professional nature. We happened to have a red & black polka dot dress and I made her a little bow... boom ...lady bug.

Today we met our friends at Kidville for the halloween carnival. Kennedy and her friend Emily debuted their official costumes: Southwest Airlines flight attendants. Emily's grandfather works for SWA and was able to hook us up with official patches, badges and wings. They look so professional and SO cute. There will be many more pics to come since we are going to a party at Southwest on Monday.

Lot's more parties to come and even a few more costumes to wear. Looking forward to the rest of the week and weekend!

Little Lady Bug

 Ni-Hao. Authentic costume Uncle Eric brought Kennedy from China.

Hello and welcome aboard Southwest flight 675 to Dallas Ft. Worth...

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