Saturday, March 5, 2011

Probably Not An Athlete

Ok, so we won't rule out sports altogether, but it doesn’t look promising when Kennedy’s natural reaction to a playground ball is: fear.

She might be taking after me just a little here. Growing up, I was never really the Sports Girl. In middle school I hated PE with a white hot passion. I mean, I certainly didn’t spend hours each morning sculpting my bangs into the perfect formation to only have them wrecked in 3rd period playing some game outdoors. I preferred a more lady-like approach to after school activities in the form of ballet, jazz and in my later years, tennis. One spring, at the age of 7, my parents talked me into expanding my horizons and enrolled me in little league baseball. I wasn’t “good” at any aspect of the sport, unless you count drinking grape slushies from the concession stand. I should mention I was one of two girls on the team. So my teammates could not relate to the turmoil I was going through having to figure out a way to get my hat and bangs to work together on Team Picture Day.

Of course I can’t wait to take her to her first ballet class, but maybe we can work on this Sports Thing so Greg can take her to her first soccer practice some day.


  1. Ok so my husband and I just watched that like 5 times!! That was hilarious!

  2. Oh my gosh Amanda, hilarious!

  3. Is it terrible that I laughed at your daughters total fear of that ball for hours? so adorable.