Sunday, March 6, 2011

What a busy and fun weekend for The Hunters. The most notable event was Kennedy turning 8 months old on Saturday. Here's what she is up to these days:

On The Move (sort of)
I think in another couple of weeks we are going to have a crawler in the house. Right now she gets around the house by back-scootin' and rolling. She gets up on all 4's and rocks herself forward and backward. She is very happy now that she can put herself in a sitting position from her tummy or back with out any help. Its pretty cute in the mornings when I come in to get her out of bed and she is just sitting there waiting.

Kennedy is a pretty good eater when it comes to solid foods. She much prefers to eat food over taking a bottle, so I have to sneak formula into her food to make sure she is getting enough. I've been making a lot more of her food these days and she is yet to turn anything down. We are starting to give her table foods: whole wheat bread, cubed fruits and veggies, cheese and Cheerios.

Sleeping Beauty
Kennedy has always been a fantastic sleeper but lately has been waking up in the middle of the night to eat. I think its probably a growth spurt and I am looking forward to her sleeping all night again! She still naps twice a day and is a happy girl so long as she doesn't miss the critical Morning Nap.

This is how I found her this morning in her bed.

I know she doesn't really know what it means, but I love hearing her yell maaaa-ma! She talks a lot. She has long conversations with the baby in the mirror (any mirror). She is starting to recognize some of her friends and loves to talk to Emily.

Ruthless Toothless
No teeth yet, though I think she has been teething for about a month now. Nothing has come through so she still has a little gummy smile.

I can't really think of anything she doesn't like right now, she is such a happy and content little girl. She really is such a little bundle of joy.

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