Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pi Baby Phi

We had such a fun visit with our out of town visitors this weekend. On Friday night I left Kennedy at home with Greg and enjoyed dinner and drinks out with the girls. Saturday afternoon was Natalie's 1st birthday. Liz decorated the house so cute in a pink and black French poodle theme. Natalie really dug into her cake and loved every messy handful of it. Note to self: don't get black frosting on Kennedy's cake.

We were all in Pi Beta Phi together in college and now a few of us have our own little legacies in the making. Sam and I received these cute angel wing bibs at our baby showers and were excited to take a few pics of the girls. Of course the girls had a different agenda (I can't blame them, Natalie's playroom looks pretty fun).

Now I'm not saying Kennedy has to be a Pi Phi, but the next 18 years of me singing Pi Phi songs should help her make the Right Choice.

Pi Baby Phi

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