Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Olive, our 4 year old Morkie, has had a tough 9 months learning to share the spotlight around here. At first she put on a show of disinterest towards Kennedy. Sniffed her a few times when we came home from the hospital and that was it. Cautiously kept her distance. As time has passed, she has shown interest little by little.

Now, Olive is great around Kennedy, comes and licks her on the nose and allows petting (when supervised by me or Greg). We will have to be careful to teach Kennedy to be gentle with Olive...she is a fragile one and can get hurt very easily. Just 2 years ago, Olive was chasing after Mr. Crabman (stuffed crab toy), slid on some wrapping paper and tore her ACL.

Its really cute to watch them interact and Kennedy thinks Olive is hysterical.

And just for fun, a picture of Olive we had done by a pet photographer when we lived in NYC and apparently had disposable income for 'necessities' like pet photographers.

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