Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Playing the Piano

We might have another musician in the family. I'll be the first to admit, she gets no musical ability from me as I have zero capabilities in this area. It was formally brought to my attention during college, specifically Rush Week. I was an active member and we were getting ready to welcome the Rushees to the Pi Phi house. Being on the petite side, I am always in the front row of any and all formations, lines, etc. During rehearsals our music chair pulled me aside and asked me to "just whisper" the song. Ouch.

However, my brother Alex and Greg's dad are both fantastic musicians. Alex (see also: Uncle Pickles) has been playing the guitar since he was a Wee One and he has been excited to play with/for Kennedy. We were in ABQ last week for a visit and he sat down with her a few times to play the piano, guitar and banjo.

This happens to be a recording piano and a very expensive piece of equipment. Kennedy's pounding on the keys was making both me and my mom a tad nervous, but she was having a blast.

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  1. ha! we have a piano annabelle loves to jam out on as well!! maybe k and a can start a band!