Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kennedy Goes to the Salon

Its birthday week for me and Kennedy which means a trip to ABQ to celebrate. We flew in yesterday morning and had an easy flight (except quite a bit of barking from Ms. Olive). After lunch I went down to Waves so Rosalie could give me a little color refresh and a trim. Rosalie is one of my very good friends, and an amazing stylist, and I just love when she does my hair. When Greg came to pick me up, we put Kennedy in the chair for her first cut. Wasn't sure how this would go but when Rosalie told Kennedy that she sometimes does Tinkerbell's hair, well, Kennedy was in. Kennedy sat as still as a statue while Rosalie gave her a little trim, occasionally sneaking fruit snacks from under her cape. We didn't cut much since I am loving her hair growing long, put her bow back in and we were good to go. 

Making faces in all the mirrors. 

The first cut! I saved it in a little baggie for her baby book. 

What a well behaved little lady. 

The first of many trips to the salon with mommy. 

Picking out products to keep our hair-do fresh. 

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  1. She did great and couldn't have gone to a better stylist!