Thursday, June 28, 2012

Busy Girl

Have you seen _____ on Pinterest? is how a lot of conversations between me and my friends start these days. We have all been scouring the internet for ideas to keep our toddlers busy indoors this summer. I'm not getting on the complaining train (yet) about the weather in Texas, but it is officially uncomfortably hot. So indoor activities are a must.

Last week a few friends and I got together for a busy bag swap. The swap happened on Thursday, but we all had plenty of time to get our stuff together. Each of us picked an activity suitable for a toddler, crafted it, placed in a ziploc bag and replicated 8 times. Check out Pinterest for some fun ideas. Now I have a whole storage ottoman in the playroom full of activities. I'll probably even toss a few in my bag the next time we head to a restaurant.

Today Kennedy spent a good chunk of time playing with the pasta sorting bag made by Alice. Its full of pasta in different shapes and colors to sort into cups and string a necklace with. To be honest, she also just loves to dump out the bag and put each piece back in one by one. Regardless of how she plays with it, she is content, quiet and not watching TV.

Busy Bags


 A busy girl is a happy girl. 

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