Sunday, July 15, 2012

Papa and Nani's House

When I was little, I spent a great deal of time at Papa and Nani's house. Birthdays, holidays and weekend family get togethers were always held there. I have such fun memories of playing in their massive yard with all my cousins. Whether we were climbing all over the fence or tormenting the chickens in the coop, we always had fun. I like to take Kennedy out to visit Nani and Papa when we are in ABQ. Greg and I took her out one afternoon to say hello and ended up running her around the front yard until she was too tired to run anymore.

I still can't believe she sat and posed for pictures. 

First she shared a cookie with Papa. Then she stood still for the camera. 
Who is this child?

Looking for a good spot to stash her goodies. 

Thinking spot. 

Making laps in the grass.

Well, hello there. 

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