Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July Birthday Fun

We celebrated the 4th of July with my family in NM this week. Its my birthday, my Papa's birthday and Kennedy's birthday on the 5th. So we all helped blow out candles and eat a double layer chocolate and vanilla birthday cake my aunt made. Kennedy had fun playing with everyone, eating cake and got to stay up way (way) past her bedtime. She was asleep before fireworks, so maybe next year we will let her play with a few sparklers.

Kennedy and Daddy in their red, white and blue. 

Playing at the BBQ. 

Picture time with mommy, Nani and Marlowe. 

Waiting patiently for some cake. 

Blowing out candles. Someone is sneaking a little frosting. 

Before everyone came to my parent's house for a BBQ, Greg and I took off on a little adventure. We have been pretty into Breaking Bad lately, the new (and final) season premiers next weekend. Its set and filmed in ABQ so we always see familiar landmarks when we watch the show. We decided to go on a tour of some of the more recognizable filming locations. Luckily, the Internet is full of helpful information including physical addresses and our iPhones told us how to get from A to B. So we mapped out a tour, grabbed a drink from Flying Star and went on our way.

Top to bottom: Saul's Office, Money laundering facility, seedy motel (note: this is a legit seedy motel) and on the right is Walter White's house.  

Top to bottom: park where Badger gets busted, Los Pollos (actually a Twisters restaurant), inside the Twisters is a Los Pollos mural. On the left is a Breaking Bad donut complete with blue crystal "meth" from Rebel Donuts. 

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