Friday, July 13, 2012

Kennedy Turns Two

Kennedy turned two last week and it feels like we have been celebrating for 2 straight weeks. Actually, we kinda have been. I'm usually a little more timely with these posts but we had a week of travel and a whirlwind week back in Dallas. I'll post her official 2 Year Stats when I can get a good "official" 2 year picture of her.

Greg and I had a little birthday celebration with Kennedy the day before we left for ABQ so we could have a special day with just the three of us. She caught on to the whole "birthday gift" idea really quickly. The trampoline is the best and worst gift we have ever given her. It totally wears her out and she loves it, but it requires our undivided supervision.

A trampoline and a microwave from Mommy and Daddy. 

We arrived in ABQ a few days after my parents returned from a vacation to Italy and Finland. They had so many fun surprises for Kennedy, so the gift giving started immediately. Every day she got to open a couple of things. We tried to teach her to shut her eyes until the gift was in front of her, but the anticipation is just too much for a two year old. She could barely stand it and would usually peek just a little early.
Little Duke trying to close her eyes. Her surprise was a dog guitar that plays melodies with howls and barks.

On her actual birthday we met my cousin and her kids for donuts and playtime at the park. Her daughter, Victoria, has the same birthday as Kennedy and we had a great time catching up with their family.

We had a farmyard themed party at my parent's house with a few of my friends, their kids and my grandmother. Kennedy loves little animals and she was really excited when she saw her invitations and party details. Of course, she doesn't know the level of detail we went into with the invites, cupcake toppers, drink labels, banners, etc., all coordinating. But she loved seeing all the 'moos, sheeps and *boo-boo shishens' at the party.

All the kids were so cute and Kennedy had fun playing with them. That is, once we got past the "everything here is all mine" stage at the beginning of the party. The kids played with bubbles and at the water table and we enjoyed pretty perfect weather.

Welcome to Kennedy's Farmyard Party

Kennedy and her cake, presents and new best friend Rapunzel.
Pronounced ah-putzel. And she comes everywhere with us. Every. Where. 

A few shots of the pretty party ladies and handsome gentleman enjoying the festivities.

*Donald Duck calls his pet chicken Boo-Boo Chicken. Now every chicken we see anywhere is automatically named Boo-Boo Chicken...pronounced Shishen. 

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  1. Happy Birthday Kennedy Rose! ♥

    from your "Los Angeles Cousin"