Monday, July 16, 2012

Little Ballerina

Kennedy and her friend Emily had their first ballet class on Friday morning and it was about the cutest thing I have ever seen. My ballet career began when I was three, went on a brief hiatus and came back better than ever when I was five. Apparently, when I was three, I spent most of the class making (probably awesome) faces at myself in the mirror, and the teacher suggested my mother wait until I was closer to five to give it another shot. I kind of expected the same out of Kennedy, especially because our morning started off sour (I would't let her have ice cream for breakfast...mean mommy, I know).

Leading up to ballet class I knew I had to get her proper ballet clothes and shoes. Since we were headed to NM, I was excited to take her to NM Dancewear, which is where I bought all my dance supplies growing up. The store has been there for-ever and looks exactly the same inside. We got her fitted for shoes and Minnie Mouse helped choose a classic black leotard. I wanted to get her a wrap skirt like I used to wear, but they don't come that I made her one when we got back to Dallas.

She did great in class and while I tried to stay hidden as to not distract her, I loved watching her follow directions and occasionally drift off in her own little world. All afternoon she kept telling me "I dancing," so I think she had fun.

Trying on shoes.
Dressed and ready to go. 
Posing and practicing our point.
Finding our special shape to stand on. 

Moving down the line en releve (on her toes)

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