Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tea Time

Yesterday I got to go pick Kennedy up from school a little early and enjoy an early Mother's Day celebration in her classroom. Her teachers had juice and snacks for all and an art project for us to complete together. Kennedy was pretty surprised that I was in her classroom and sitting at the art table. Sidenote: this is one of few times in my life I can recall being thankful for my short stature. I can actually sit quite comfortably in a toddler chair. Anyway, after she scarfed a blueberry muffin (not the healthy kind mommy makes) and some *gasp* grape juice, it was time to get down to the business of coloring. We colored a paper teacup and then each kid put a Tazo Tea bag in it for their mom.

I especially loved chatting with the other moms and teachers about what their days are like in the class. Apparently, Kennedy and her friend Emily must be separated during lunch or they eat each others food. Not shocking. Usually Caroline and I set out a trough, so to speak, and let the girls go to town hoping they will each eat a little bit. They are good about sharing their snack though. Kennedy also is the only kid in the class that doesn't nap. She has the gift of gab and sometimes one of her teachers has to take her on walks as to not wake the other kids.

Kennedy and Mommy. Clearly the tea bag is more interesting than the camera.

 Happy to color. 


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