Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

We had a nice little family day on Sunday to celebrate my second Mother's Day. We thought about going to brunch, but after a very fun margarita party at the Pfeiffer's the night before, neither of us were really feeling well. More on that later, but we did bring home a second place win for our margarita entry.

Anyway, after Greg went and picked up breakfast we walked over the the neighborhood park to play. We spent the rest of the day painting our nails (just the girls), relaxing and hanging around the house. We went up to Plano for dinner at Coal Vines, a pizza and wine bistro, where we had a prime people watching spot on the patio. Some of us colored, some of us sipped wine. We walked over to Pacuigo for a gelatto treat before strolling around the Shops at Legacy. It was a relaxing day (not counting a few toddler meltdowns) and I loved getting to spend it with Greg and Kennedy.

 Getting ready for dinner. 

Kennedy picked an orange polish for her mani. 

Nuzzle nuzzle. 

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