Thursday, May 17, 2012

Big Girl Bed

Kennedy made it known that she was over the crib. She wanted a bed and not a crib. So we decided to just go for it and covert her bed to a toddler bed. Since I believe this is somewhat Elmo's doing (the book) I decided to do things in the same order Elmo's mommy did. So off to Pottery Barn Kids we went to let her pick out her new linens. While we were there she saw a floor model of a toddler bed and immediately ran to it. She kept saying "aww, Mommy's bed" and I asked her if she wanted a bed like that. She said "ok" which is as close to yes as she gets. So she picked out some cute sheets and a pillowcase. I did give her choices, but was seriously hoping she would pick the set she did. We came home and played while Greg did the crib conversion.

When she came in the room she thought it was pretty cool. She loves getting in and out of it. She loves reading books in it. She loves putting every stuffed animal she owns in it. She sort of likes sleeping in it. Sigh. 

I've talked to a few other parents that made the switch around this age and they all said about the same thing. They all had about a week where they had to constantly put the little one back in bed before they started staying in on their own. It is definitely getting easier and we are hoping within a few more days we will get less late night wake up calls.

It sounds like she's saying Olives at the end. But I've figured out recently she calls her bed a house. 

The point Greg realized he needed to make an emergency run to Home Depot. 

 Big Girl Bed

She thinks this is her new reading nook. 

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