Monday, May 28, 2012

Ice Cream With Friends

As I mentioned before, we have been making a lot of our frozen banana ice cream around here. We had some friends over this week for a little ice cream party and the kids all loved it. I found these cute little cups and spoons at Hobby Lobby - perfect size for little hands and set out lots of fun sprinkles. The kids all ate their lunches (for the most part) and were so excited for their ice cream treats. 

We had some special visitors in town from Houston, Ashley and Alex. All the moms got to get out for some margaritas with Ashley earlier in the week, and she was able to bring Alex over to play with her Dallas friends. Ice cream, friends and good weather made for a fun afternoon. Kennedy, Emily and Mason made their way to the playhouse out back and were all playing pretty cute together. Mason disappeared for a little while and returned with a flower he'd put in a pot for the ladies. It doesn't get much sweeter than that.

Once everyone left it looked like a tornado had come through our house. Seven toddlers can do quite a bit of damage! Kennedy likes to sing this clean up song from Gymboree and was happy to help me straighten up before her afternoon rest.

Catching up over margaritas. 

 Lunch bunch. 

Alex and Kennedy with their ice cream treats.  

Group shot attempt.
Laighton, Alex, Kennedy, Molly, Mason, Emily and Jeff 

Mason bringing a housewarming flower to the ladies.  

Ashley & Alex, Caroline & Emily, Amanda & Kennedy

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