Sunday, April 8, 2012

Up Late, Again

Last night we had a little cook out with some friends, and again, let Kennedy stay up way (way) past her bedtime. She got to play with her buddies Audrey and Sloan, both Big Girls (i.e. 3 year olds). She had an absolute blast and took to the Dress Up game immediately, Sloan provided ample choices including princess dresses and fairy wings. At one point, Kennedy had a clear umbrella that both older girls clearly desired. Knowing better than to take something away from a baby, they decided to trade her a chicken hat for the umbrella. I do believe Kennedy came out ahead on this trade. See for yourself.

Side braid action. 
I'll get better at braiding her hair...I hope.  

Kennedy, Sloan and Audrey in their Dress Up Finest. 

 Tutu, fairy wings and a chicken hat. Awesome.