Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

We awoke this morning with a phone call from Uncle Eric (my brother) in Korea. He was calling to share some very exciting news...he proposed to his girlfriend, Sora! And she said yes. What a great way to start out the day.

Our original plan was to get up, see what the Easter bunny left us, go to church, then brunch and hunt eggs all before naptime. I'm aware this was a very ambitious plan. We had to rearrange plans since Kennedy stayed up pretty late last night, girlfriend slept in well past 8am.

Kennedy got up and we walked her into the kitchen to see what the Easter Bunny left her. Obviously she had no idea there would be presents of any sort this morning, but she was quite excited. She loved pulling everything out of her basket and wanted to play with it all, at the same time, immediately.

We got dressed and headed to Dream Cafe for brunch. Well, mommy and daddy did the eating, Kennedy decided she just wanted to watch Bubble Guppies and throw her milk on the a little sweetie pie. When we got home we took her to the park by our house for a egg hunt. Brunching and egg hunting wore the little lady out and she came home and took a nice long nap. This gave me and Greg an opportunity to relax, watch a little Breaking Bad and get ready for Easter dinner.

We met up with Caroline at her parent's house for a delicious dinner. I made an Easter themed app courtesy of Pinterest and Caroline's mom had quite the spread of ham, mac and cheese, salad and carrot cake. The table was beautifully dressed, and save for an epic temper tantrum from drama-baby, we had a really nice time. The temper tantrum occurred when Kennedy wanted in the "bath." Which is actually the hot tub near the pool. And she was only happy to be on the highest, most precarious stone above the hot tub. Paci and iPad to the rescue.

We had a really nice and relaxing Easter weekend. Its really fun to experience holidays through Kennedy's eyes. Now its time to start planning her birthday! She will be 2 in just three months. Eek. 

Easter basket full of goodies. Princess plates. And one of Kennedy's favorite bunnies on the table.  

"OMG stickers!" 

 Hunt #1 at the YMCA on Thursday. Hunt #2 at our park this afternoon. 

 Skype time with both sets of grandparents. 

 Daddy, leave me be and I will be happy. Remove me from this post and you will be sorry. 

Just let me live my life!

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  1. Congrats to your Brother! How exciting. It looks like you had a wonderful Easter!